Welcome on Mangaroad!
You´re the early bird! We´ve just got started.
So there are not many worms to catch right now!

…MANGAROAD is worth a first look! From now on, there are 45 pose patterns for comic drawing, each in 44-68 different angles of view and many with a female and a male version. You can also use our collection of 50 different facial expressions as patterns for improving your skills with manga and comic faces. In the last days we started a third category for hairstyles, which will grow continuously over the next weeks.
And because we want to be “a big pool of tools for all Mangakas and Comic Artists”, we hope this website will grow faster than you can draw! There will be new pose patterns every week. Furthermore there will be video tutorials about Manga and Comic Drawing, dozens of hairstyle-patterns, a collection of hand poses and much more.

So let´s close with a single question:
“Are you on the Mangaroad of life, too?”

Stay tuned, happy drawing!